Clam Shells

Clam Shells Description Unit MSCS 700H 1000H 2000H 3000H Operating Weight Kg 350 820 980 1220 Capacity mˆ3 0.3 0.6 0.8 1.0 Dimension A mm 1780 1780 2100 2100 B mm 1460 1460 1620 1620 H mm 1470 1470 1495 1495 H1 mm 1880 1880 1980 1980 Hydraulic of the Cylinder P(max.) bar 300 300 […]

Wood Grabs

Wood Grabs Description Unit MSWG 700H 1000H 2000H 3000H Operating Weight Kg 350 820 980 1200 Capacity mˆ3 0.25 0.5 0.8 1.0 Dimension A mm 900 1500 1680 1960 B mm 104 256 400 450 C mm 326 544 670 790 H mm 1019 1175 1350 1560 H1 mm 1125 1385 1560 1790 Hydraulic of […]

MSB Heavy Duty Grapple Stone Grab

MSB Stone Grab is designed to be stronger than any other machinery, and be used for any difficult job site like demolition, recycling and construction. Unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Main frames are made by Hardox for long life time. Hydraulic motor is mounted outside of slew ring for easy maintenance. Operator control rotation speed. […]

MSB Rotation CRUSHER Rotation SHEAR

MSB Crusher & Shear series offer perfect performance for demolition and recycling.A high performance cylinder and basic installation of speed up value reduces operating time and increase productivity in job site. Unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Jaws are made by Hardox for long life time. Hydraulic cylinders are well protected against damage. Operator control rotation […]

MSB New PULVERIZER with Changeable Tooth

New MSB Hydraulic Pulverizer series offer elevated performance for demolition and recycling with new and high performance cylinder. Specially MSHP CT series offer exchangeable tooth assembly which made out of Hardox for economical maintenance and long life time with high durability in every job site. MSB Hydraulic Pulverizer series Technical Table DESCRIPTION UNIT MSHP 2000H […]


MS – New Hydraupia Medium & Large breakers are the best for Available from 14tons to 85tons large size excavators. High impact energy. Fully enclosed housing to protect the breaker mechanism Patented sealing and piston guidance system. Automatic greasing system and underwater system are fully and internally equipped. Advanced noise reducing system in new housing. […]

MS-SMALL BREAKERS – Hydraulic Type

MS-Small breakers are suitable for mounting on tractor back-hoes, mini-excavators and skid steer loaders. They are mainly used for breaking concrete, asphalt, hard or frozen ground and for scaling in mines and tunnels. They have a high production rate for thier size range and provide a good return on investment to customer. MS- Small Breakers […]

SAGA BREAKERS Gas- Hydraulic Type

Saga Breakers are suitable for mounting from mini-excavators and skid-steer loaders to 40tons large excavators. It adds versatility to small carrier and large excavator. Saga Breakers will give you an opportunity of additional income, especially for the rental and plant company, and good return on investment. Saga Breakers are the best for Available from 0.8tons […]